I’m sure that poor fan who “stole” Moises Alou’s foul ball catch is going to get a lot of flak. But let’s face it, the Cubs themselves are to blame. Sure, it was 3-0 at the time, and would have given ‘em two outs. But the Alex Gonzalez error and horrible pitching were far more damaging. The fan didn’t let up 8 runs, the Cubs did. Gonzalez could have ended the inning, or at the very least, got the second out still leaving the Cubs ahead. And then intentially walking the bases loaded twice turned out to be a bad call in hind sight. Call it a curse, or a major league choke, the Cubs should have never been down by 5 runs going into the eighth. Hopefully Kerry Wood brings his best stuff to Game 7, because it’s gonna be hard to come back from such a devastating loss.

[Update] Sure enough, the Sun Times, Tribune, and every other Chicago newspaper had the fan on the front page. C’mon! What about Gonzalez? And in the articles, there were quotes of people wanting to beat the fan to death. That’s just disgusting. Every fan in his position would have done the same. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. I’m almost embarrassed to be a Cubs fan.