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Hello. My name is Dave Dribin, and welcome to my little portion of the web. This site hosts various bits of information about me, the writing I do, and the open source software I write.


I enjoy technical writing, both amateur and professional. Here’s where you can find my stuff:

My Blog

My blog contains mostly technical posts. They’re usually related to Mac OS X, as that is my platform of choice, both for personal use and consulting. However, I do manage to slip in a non-technical post or two.

MacTech Magazine

I write a monthly column called The Road To Code for MacTech magazine about programming on Mac OS X. It’s mainly aimed at the beginning Mac OS X coder. Pick it up at your local newsstand, or better yet, subscribe.

Keyboard Matrix Help

An article describing how the keyboard controller matrix works and how to stop keyboard ghosting. The magic is using diodes, but read the full article to understand why.

Linux Journal article

I wrote an article with Keith Garner about using OpenLDAP with Courier-IMAP and Postfix in the February 2003 Issue (#106) of Linux Journal. It covers virtual hosting. Some of this information is probably out of date, by now.


Somehow, I manage to write a lot of open source software. Here’s a list of some of the highlights, but for a full list, check out my software page:

MAME OS X: I maintain MAME OS X, a port of the MAME arcade emulator to Mac OS X.

DDHidLib: An Objective-C wrapper around IOHIDLib.

ddcurl: An Objective-C wrapper around the libcurl HTTP library.

ddcli: A framework for writing command line applications in Objective-C.

DDCoreAudio: An Objective-C wrapper around the CoreAudio framework.

DDFoundation: Additions to Foundation.

DDCoreData: Additions to CoreData.

trigint: An integer-based trigonometry library.

lolspeak: A LOLspeak translation dictionary.

Game Launcher: A universal front-end for games written for DOS and Windows. This has been inactive for quite some time, but is still popular.

More projects…


I love eating, and I love cooking. Thus, I put many of my recipes in MacGourmet. I have exported them to HTML, along with a mobile version suitable for an iPhone. Most of these are from Alton Brown and America’s Test Kitchen. If I had to recommend only one, I’d go with the vanilla ice cream. Yum!

These pages are copyright © 2002-2008 by Dave Dribin. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me.