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Here’s a list of my open source software projects. Most are not full-blown applications, but just libraries or snippets of code. These days there is a heavy bent on Cocoa and Mac OS X source code. Unless stated otherwise, they are released under the MIT license. Some of the projects at the end are dormant, meaning I no longer work on them. However, feel free to use them, as-is.


I am currently using Mercurial for my version control system and I’m hosting the repositories locally:

To clone a repository:

    % hg clone

Some projects are hosted offsite at either Google code or SourceForge. I am trying to migrate projects in my Google code project locally, but they’re not all here, yet.

Active Projects


I maintain MAME OS X, a port of the MAME arcade emulator to Mac OS X.

SourceForge Home Page


Version 1.1: source

An Objective-C wrapper around IOHIDLib.

svn | MIT


An Objective-C wrapper around the libcurl HTTP library. It has a similar API to NSURLConnection.

svn | MIT


An Objective-C wrapper around the CoreAudio framework. This makes it easier to create AudioUnits and hook up AUGraphs. It simplifies the calling conventions by turning errors into exceptions.

hg | MIT


Mac OS X trash manipulation from the command line.

Main Page | MIT

Radar Forwarder

Version 1.0: source | binary

An application and preference pane that forwards rdar:// URLs to the Open Radar website (or any other URL).

hg | MIT


Version 1.0b3: source

Additions to Foundation.

hg | MIT


Additions to CoreData.

hg | MIT


Version 1.0: source

A framework for building command line based Objective-C tools.

hg | API | MIT


A LOLspeak translation dictionary.

Main Page


Version 1.0: source | binary

A Quick Look plugin to colorize source code, based on the enscript tool.

svn | MIT


Version 1.0: source

An integer-based trigonometry library.

hg | API | MIT

Dormant Projects

Game Launcher

A universal front-end for games written for DOS and Windows. This has been dormant for quite some time, but is still popular.

Main Page | GPL

Movable Type Hacks

Various hacks I’ve made to Movable Type, specifically to make permalink URLs more friendly. These are not necessary for post 3.x versions of Movable Type.

Main Page


A collection of modules and scripts to interface with the Strip application for Palm handheld computers.

Main Page

libamp Modifications

Modifications I had to make to the stock libamp 0.3 source.

Main Page

Ant Tasks for J2ME

Custom tasks to assist in building J2ME applications with ant.

Main Page


A Java binding for wxWidgets providing a Java GUI toolkit using native widgets.

SourceForge Home Page


A web application to manage virtual email account information stored in an LDAP directory.

SourceForge Home Page

These pages are copyright © 2002-2008 by Dave Dribin. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me.