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This is a LOLspeak translation dictionary consisting of a core YAML dictionary file with translations for individual words. It is a complete dictionary with no regular expressions or heuristics. While it is more of a pain to maintain this way, it also makes it more portable to other contexts where regular expressions are not available (like the Apple dictionary).

The Mercurial repository is here:

This dictionary has been spot-checked against Matt Sephton’s, an online lolcat translator. So many thanks to Matt for creating!


A Ruby gem is available that includes the dictionary as well as an API to perform the translation. Most likely you’ll want to use the extensions to String:

"Hi cat".to_lolspeak -> "oh hai kitteh"

It also comes with a command line program, lolspeak. To install, use the gem command:

% sudo gem install lolspeak

Or download the gem and source code from RubyForge.

Apple Dictionary

A plugin to Apple’s Dictionary application is also available. This allows you to lookup LOLspeak translations by word, as shown by this screenshot:

Download LOLspeak.dictionary and install it in:



The source code is released under the MIT license.


If you want to help out, the dictionary could always be beefed up. Send me patches against the tranzlator.yml file. Bonus points if create the patch using Mercurial export. Be sure to re-sort the dictionary prior to creating a patch:

% ./sort_tranzlator.rb tranzlator.yml
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