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I have been doing some playing around with the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) lately. Since this is basically Java code, and the Ant build tool is the best build tool for Java, I figured they should play nice together. I've written a few tasks that extend Ant version 1.3 for J2ME applications. Source code is available under the Apache Software License. Currently, only the CLDC and K virtual machine are supported, but I would like to expand the scope to include MIDP. Also, this has only been tested under Linux, but should work under Windows and Solaris. Please contact me with any suggestions, comments, or problems.

Recent News

  • 18 Apr 2001: Version 0.9.0 Released.
    • Initial release. Help find bugs!


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Current version: 0.9.0

Version Release Date Binary Source
Version 0.9.0 18 Apr 2001 [Binary tar.gz]
[Binary zip]
[Source tar.gz]
[Source zip]

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