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What Is Game Launcher

Game Launcher is a cross platform, universal front end for emulators. The main goal is to provide a user interface that is easy to use and attractive, yet does not look like a traditional user interface with windows and such. Game Launcher should work with any emulator. It has been known to work with MAME, Nesticle, RockNES, zSNES, snes9x, Callus, Stella, z26, and Genecyst. Game Launcher will run on DOS, Windows, and Unix. Version 0.9.8 is the current version.


  • Very flexible. It should run with any command line emulator.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • Plays music in the background (MP3s or an audio CD).
  • Displays screenshots (PNG, PCX, BMP, and JPEG).
  • Customizable font.
  • Customizable screen resolution.
  • Support for vertical (rotated) monitors.
  • Slight menu animations.
  • Support for PC joysticks.
[MAME Screen Shot]

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