As a life long Chicagoan, I still do not understand White Sox Fans, and probably never will. They take it personal when the Cubs win. One even said he “could not have come up with a better story”, in regards to the 8th inning collapse, fan and all. And you should hear the tone of their voice and the gleem in their eye when they talk about it. It’s eerie. I don’t think this is a small minority, either. The vast majority of Sox fans were wishing and hoping for a Cubs loss. And that’s what I don’t understand. If the White Sox were playing for the AL championship, the majority of Cubs fans would root for the Sox. I know I would. I was even rooting for them at the end of this year, before their big choke. But after listening to these people, I may just give up. They’re so filled with jelousy, it’s just sad.