Ok, if you’re reading this, the new server is online and chugging. I was colocating a machine at Host Plus, but the main hard drive blew out. After debating on whether to get a new drive or upgrade the whole machine, I decided to go with a dedicated server at Server Matrix. The main benefit being that I am not responsible for the hardware. If the disk goes bad, I call ‘em up and they replace it. Of course, backups are my own responsibility. But with the terabyte of bandwidth per month, I can afford to backup remotely. Oh, and did I mention that it’s nearly half the price of my colocation? And the disk is 4 times bigger. And the processor is 4 times faster. Pretty sweat deal all around.

So far I’m impressed with Server Matrix. My only word of advice is to watch how they partition the drive. By default, they give you /boot and a 40 gig /. If you want something different, be sure to tell them in the install instructions. Otherwise, it costs $75 to re-install the OS. Too bad they don’t tell you what the default partition is before hand. They give you a fairly minimal Red Hat 9 install. RH 9 has pissed me off, but I’ll leave that for another time.