Well, John Kerry keeps racking up the primary victories, and this really depresses me. Nothing about Kerry impresses nor ignites me. My first choice is Howard Dean. He hasn’t waffled nearly as much on so many key points. I mean, how can Kerry be against the war and now, when he was so much for it earlier? He claims he was lied to by the President, but it really wasn’t that hard to see through the Prez’ BS. In any case, I think Kerry is the one the Republicans wanted all along. We kept hearing how they wanted Howard Dean, because he was easily beat. But man, Kerry is such a bore, and so uninspiring, I think they secretely wanted Kerry all this time. Personally, I think Dean could beat Bush, but I really don’t think Kerry can. If John wins this thing, I’m afraid we’re gonna be stuck with Dubya for another 4 years. Dean, you better win in Wisconsin!!