This album is fantastic, plain and simple. I’ve been listening to it all day, and I’m still amazed. The emotion tucked away in these songs is so powerful, it just goes to show that electronic and “laptop” music need not be harsh and mechanical. The opening track, “Hands”, starts out a little erratic with a nice piano riff and some random drums and symbols. But once the main beat kicks in, I’m hooked and can’t stop listening. Even though there are some glitchy sounds in the back, it’s done in such a way that just makes the piano and beat even more beautiful and hypnotic. “She Moves She” has a bit more groove with a weird Asian or country mandolin or guitar twang. I think my favorite on the disc is “My Angel Rocks Back And Forth”. The harp and sliding static beats pull you in. But again, once the beat starts up about half way through, the song is unbelievable. While very dreamy and sensual, I can’t help but feel a little melancholy. “Unspoken” is a 9 minute funky journey with a nice, meaty mid-section. “As Serious As Your Life” is a bit more upbeat. It’s a little experimental but not overdone at all and still very catchy. Finally, the closer, “Slow Jam”, is a very playful song that makes you feel a bit like a child again and want to smile.

I give Rounds a 9.6 on the Pitchfork rating scale. Here’s the Amazon album page and All Music’s page on Four Tet.