Last Thursday I saw M83 at The Empty Bottle. What a great show… I learned of M83 from Salon. Then I heard a few more songs from KEXP DJ John Richards. So, I went out and bought Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts (after reading the Pitchfork review, of course). And the CD lived up to all the hype. Very soundscape-ish, and electronic, yet warm and full of emotion. But that was the interesting thing about the show. They looked like a typical rock band: drummer, two guitars, and a bassist. Yeah, the lead guitar player also played keyboards, most of which were pre-programmed, but the whole live instrument aspect really made the show kick ass. I was totally expecting one guy with a laptop and a few other components. It’s refreshing to see a nice rock-electronic cross over like that. Anyhow, M83 is good stuff. Check ‘em out. Their website is pretty kick ass, too. And you can listen to all their songs, once you figure out the user interface.