Some interesting election statistics. In the City of Chicago, 81% voted for Kerry, and 18% voted for Bush. In Manhattan, 82% voted for Kerry, 17% for Bush. In the Bronx, 82% voted for Kerry, 17% for Bush. In Queens, 71% voted for Kerry, 28% for Bush. In Brooklyn, 74% voted for Kerry, 25% Bush. I find these statistics particularly interesting given that exit polls had “values” and terrorism as the top deciding factors of Bush voters. How is it that urban areas are so “out of touch” with the rest of America, given that they are the most likely targets of terrorism? Or maybe the rest of America is “out of touch” with cities.

Between these 5 regions, Kerry got 1,771,838 more votes than Bush. Given how close swing states such as Ohio were, perhaps the DNC needs to start a Democratic Relocation Program.