I’m always amazed at how people view and use religion after disasters. Some priceless quotes from a news wire article:

"These people need food but they also need Jesus," said Kosinski, who arrived this week from Malaysia. "God is trying to awaken people and help them realize that salvation is in Christ."

Umm… stick with the food and medicine, dude. And it’s not only the Christians:

"This is some kind of a lesson. People forgot about God and he has now punished them. Maybe now people will realize what they have done and start going to the mosque."

So, going to mosque prevents the earth’s tectonic plates from shifting and causing an earthquake. Got that kids? Good. Now about evolution

But my favorite quote comes from (as usual) Jon Stewart on The Daily Show when they were showing a clip from ABC’s show The View:

Star Jones: "...and I thank god every day 'cause, one month prior [to the tsunami], I was there [the Maldives]. ... God bless us."
Jon Stewart: "God killed 160,000 people. Just 'cause you weren't there, that's not him blessing. My guess is, that was an oversight."

Go, Jon, go! But, really, what would you expect from someone who thinks Atheists are unqualified to hold the office of President of the United states?