For you Apple Fan’s that have been living under a rock, Tiger is going to be released on April 29th. They’ve posted a list of all the new features. Apart from the biggies like Spotlight and Dashboard, here are ones I’m looking forward to:

  • Certificate support in Address Book
  • Envelope printing in Address Book
  • RPN calculator
  • Birthday calendar in iCal
  • Jabber support in iChat
  • .Mac sync for Mail preferences, Keychain, and extensible app support
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Secure WebDAV
  • AirPort preferred networks
  • Inline PDF viewing in Safari
  • Secure virtual memory
  • Unix ACLs
  • HFS+ CLI support (for cp, rsync, etc.)
  • Remappable modifier Keys (swap caps lock, legitimately)
  • SMB symlink support
  • Firewall log
  • Firewall stealth mode

Some definitely fall under the “it’s about freakin’ time” category, but I’m still looking forward to them. BTW, Amazon has a $35 rebate on Tiger if you buy it before May 31st.

Oh, and I realized I never followed up from my previous C++ exercise. Whoops. I hope to post on that in the next day or two.