Why is it in this day and age, people cannot get online shopping checkout web pages done right? The site I was at this morning wanted me to enter a credit card number. Fair enough…. but, why oh why must the text field be “numbers only”. Listen people, they added spaces and dashes to really long strings of numbers for a reason! Humans can read them easier! With spaces there, it’s much easier to tell if I entered the number correctly. If your credit card processor requires only numbers, then strip out the goddamn spaces and dashes. How freakin’ hard could that be?! I can’t think of a single programming language where that wouldn’t be more than 2 lines of code. Why must I suffer for your lazy ass programming skillz? Get a clue, or get another job! Oh, and fix your broken ass site.

And to add insult to injury, this site required I create an account with them before I checkout. Okay, it’s the year 2005, and I’ve used your site once. What’s the chance of me using your site again by the year 2015? Yup… you guessed. Close to nil! So why must I enter a password I’m guaranteed to forget if I ever do use your site again? And you probably keep my credit card information on file, supposedly to make my life easier that next time, but really you’re just putting my personal information at risk. I don’t trust you and your dumb programmers (see above) to keep my credit card information safe. You know what? I just want to buy my shit and go home.

Okay… I feel better now. I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.