My 10,000th birthday (in binary… that’s 32 for you non-nerds) was last week, and it’s really been a music and gluttony filled weekend to ring in the new year. Thursday night, I saw Kid Koala at the Abbey Pub. He is a fantastic turntablist which you just have see to believe. This is no ordinary DJ… even those that scratch and mix. He just takes it to a whole new level. For a brief insight to what he’s capable of, check out this Real video clip from the BBC of him remixing Henry Mancini’s Moon River, live. I don’t think even that video does him justice, but it’s a start for newbies.

Saturday morning, we went to Cereality (hooray for stupid Flash intros!), a cereal bar and cafe. Thanks to Chicagoist, I’ve been looking forward to this place for months. And after reading Metromix’s review, we decided to check it out. I loved it! Granted it was more like dessert than breakfast, with the sugar cereals and whole milk. They do have non-sugared cereals and skim milk, but what’s the fun in that! And I can get my sugar cereal fix without buying a whole box. I’m looking forward to some Alphabits next time.

Saturday afternoon and evening was spent at Lollapalooza. Granted this was no Lollapalooza of old where you could see new and budding bands. I got to see the Pixies, again, Billy Idol, Primus, and Weezer. Okay, so we opted for the single day, and I didn’t know half the bands that played on Saturday, so maybe there were some hip bands and I am just getting old to know who they are, but it was still a great time! I’m so glad they decided to play in Grant Park, rather than the usual places, such as Tinley Park or Alpine Valley. It was great to step out my front door a few feet and stumble to the show.

And to top off the weekend, we went to the ethereal Margie’s Candies. Best. Butterscotch. Banana. Split. Ever. There’s not much more to say, really. I’m still in a food coma, so check out Chicagoist for more info.