For the last few weeks, I’ve been playing around with, a social bookmark manager and have been quite enthralled. The part I like best is that you can subscribe to RSS feeds of other users. I’ve found that I have two kinds of bookmarks: pages that I visit repeatedly fairly often, and pages that I just found cool and don’t want to forget about. For the first class, I keep those in my browser. That way I have easy access to them and can even assign shortcuts to them in my browser. I tended not to bookmark “cool” because they’d clutter my browsers bookmarks and I’d rarely visit them again. This is where comes in. I can bookmark those sites, and tag them for later. I’m not sure if this is officially what is called link blogging, but that’s what I call it. This way, I can go back and find that interesting link I ran across a few weeks ago. Sure I could use my browsers history, but that often just gets so cluttered it’s like finding a needle in haystack. Plus I get to share those links with others (and more importantly for me, I get to see what others share). So check out my links and subscribe to my RSS feed.