Well, C4[1], the second incarnation of Jonathan “Wolf” Rentzsch’s popular conference for Mac indies is over, and what can I say. Wow. It was fantastic. Living in Chicago and being able to work with Wolf on projects outside of C4, I think I have unique perspective on how much work Wolf actually puts into it. Lemme just summarize and say, “You have no idea.”

The conference is willed together by a combination of Wolf’s insanity and drive for perfection. Like Cabel, who mentioned in his talk about how he has the vision for an app even before he begins to prototype the UI, C4 is the realization of Wolf’s idealized conference. The whole thing really is from the heart, and it shows. When Wolf is standing at the door on opening night trying to personally greet everyone that comes in, those greetings are for real. He really is glad to see everyone.

My only complaint of C4[1], well maybe the second (I’m hoping Drunken Batman was actually drunk), is that I think we ended the conference without giving Wolf his proper thanks. After Iron Coder, we all just sort of scattered about. So I want to take the time now to give Wolf a virtual standing ovation, complete with hoots and hollers. Thanks, Wolf! You did a fantastic job, and I appreciate the hard work you put into the conference.

Of course, let’s also not forget the behind the scenes work by Bob, Victoria, and Tim. I personally know all of you guys, too, and want to give you a big “Thanks” as well. In fact, thanks to everyone involved, speakers and participants included. C4[1] will be remembered, by more than just me, as a roaring success. Now, time to catch up on lost sleep…