I’ve carved out some space on my server for public Mercurial repositories. You can browse them at:


So far, there’s only two projects, but I’ll probably be adding more as I convert my Subversion repositories to Mercurial. I may even move my Google Code project to my own server under Mercurial.


WebArchiveQL is a QuickLook plugin to view .webarchive files. It currently has a couple issues, e.g., sites with frames don’t work well. Once I get some of the wrinkles ironed out, I’ll post a pre-built binary. In the meantime, you can browse the source online, or clone the repository using:

% hg clone https://www.dribin.org/dave/hg/WebArchiveQL/

If you want to send me patches, ideally, you’d use the hg export command to create the patch.


The other project, called dld-tools, is a collection of small command line scripts that have been with me for a long. Some of them are over ten years old, and I first started tracking them using CVS about six years ago. At some point I converted to Subversion, and now Mercurial. Some of the scripts are completely outdated, but there are a few gems in there that I use on a regular basis. You can clone the the repository using:

% hg clone https://www.dribin.org/dave/hg/dld-tools/

The makefile probably doesn’t do what you want, so I’d avoid using it. Most of the scripts can just be run in place or copied to your ~/bin/ if you want to try them out. Only the diceware script requires extra support files.