After many years of faithfully using Movable Type, I have finally switched to another blogging system: Jekyll. I’ve been meaning to move off Movable Type for literally years, since they dropped SQLite support in version 5, released in 2010. Jekyll meets everything I laid out in my 2009 post, Requirements for a New Blogging System. What finally pushed me to switch was my desire to write some new posts and fix some of the link rot, such as the link to my C4[3] slides.

After my server died in 2012, I was able to bring over the static content to the new server just fine with a simple rysnc. That alone is a huge testament to static content. However, I had no desire to try and get an old version of Movable Type up and running, which meant I could no longer edit posts or create new ones.

I tried twice to switch to Octopress, once in 2012 and again in 2013, but I kept running into various snags. It’s a good think I waited because Octoproess has been pretty stagnant since then. Octopress is basically a customized Jekyll setup, and since 2013, Jekyll has improved enough on its own that I am able to use it straight-up.

I’m now up and running on Jekyll and fixed the link to my slides. The installation went pretty smoothly, and everything seems to look okay. If not, please let me know. Right now, this is just the standard Jekyll install with a slightly tweaked Minima theme, but I’d like to customize it a bit more at some point.