I recently moved my site, www.dribin.org, over to HTTPS. For other HTTPS sites I’ve setup, I’ve bought a certificate from name.com. Their cheapest option is $10/year, which is very affordable. But this time I decided to try out Let’s Encrypt and their Certbot. The installation was pretty painless and seemed to go smoothly. I haven’t yet gone threw a renew cyle, though, which is required every three months. I’ll report back in June if I have problems.

This change did break all my embedded YouTube videos becuase those still used http. I needed to update the iframe URLs to also use https, and now all seems to be fine.

And finally, I updated all the links to my own site, replacing http with https. This wasn’t strictly necessary, as I have a redirect in place, but I figured it’d be nice to avoid the extra round trip for the redirect. I don’t think I’ve broken anything, but please let me know if you see anything wrong.